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" Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently

Trees talk to each other at night.
All fish are named either Lorna or Jack.
Before your eyeballs fall out from watching too much TV, they get very loose.
Tiny bears live in drain pipes.
If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky.
The moon and the sun had a fight a long time ago.
Everyone knows at least one secret language.
When nobody is looking, I can fly.
We are all held together by invisible threads.
Books get lonely too.
Sadness can be eaten.
I will always be there. "

- Raul Gutierrez, “Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently”  (via the59thstreetbridge)

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Tiffany Mitchell // Offbeat + Inspired



Street Style and Fashion blog following back everyone.

message me if you’re 100% street style, need more blogs to follow!

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wake up early. drink coffee. work hard. be ambitious. keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. do well, live well and dress really well. do what you love, love what you do. it is time to start living 💛

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Dis looks so gud right nowowow

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Blooms of Nigeria commission tribute illustrations for each of the 180 kidnapped Nigerian girls. This is my flower for Asabe.

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Jemima does a stick-and-poke on her husband’s best friend - “He’s the best for stick-and-pokes, because he doesn’t give a shit what I give him. He has “eat me” on his calf from me.” 

罪人 + 情人

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